X-Wave Technology Concept from Visteon 3M  

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With the foundation laid in January 2008 for two Fortune 500 companies to combine their expertise and develop consumer-driven automotive products, Visteon and 3M have revealed a jointly developed project, called the X-Wave Concept. Using the BMW X5 as the host vehicle, it includes over 50 of the newest technologies designed to improve the driving experience of future vehicles.

Known as Human Machine Interface (HMI) solutions, the overall objective is to enhance user friendliness in regards to connectivity of portable devices, such as mobile phones and MP3 players, improve interior comfort and enhance the visual experience with touch and lighting effects.

One of the most interesting of these innovations is Visteon’s Integrated Center Panel. By using Proximity Sensing and Haptic Controls, the thin touch panel at first appearance has a “dead-front” look showing a smooth panel with no visible buttons. However, when the panel senses a hand coming close, it automatically illuminates from within the panel revelaing the climate, audio and multimedia controls. When a button is pushed, it sends back haptic feedback - a tactile vibration like a pulse. Such a response from the buttons give a more natural feel as well as provide feedback to the user that the input is being processed.

Through the use of transmissive optical films, a 3M specialty, the 3-D Driver Information Cluster increases the visibility of icons and graphics which allow simultaneous display of multiple images with greater depth and customization compared to existing 3-D products on the market.

See press release below for more innovations।
Source: Car Online

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