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Remember the Lightning GT? We told you about this all-electric supercar a few months ago, and it popped up today in person at the 2008 British Motor Show in London.

That officially moves it one step away from the pure vaporware it was yesterday, which is a good thing since we're eager to see the carbon fiber-bodied Lightning actually move under its own power someday.

That power will be provided by the same Altairnano NanoSafe batteries used by the Phoenix SUT, though churning out the equivalent of 700bhp through four electric motors in this case.

Those motors are also the same PML wheel motors used in the 640-hp electric MINI, so they should be able to handle the 700bhp Lightning. There's also regenerative braking, as well as pretty much every standard conveyance of luxury you would find in a normal supercar including air conditioning, sat nav, full leather, etc.

Its maker is claiming a 4.0-second charge to 60 mph for the Lightning, but we'd also like to know what type of range they're expecting in such a positively charged coupe. Unfortunately, details like that and the Lightning GT's price are still pretty scarce, though as before, they are accepting £15,000 deposits. At least it's no longer vapor.
Source: Autoblog

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