Car News Is the BMW M6 CSL Still Coming?  

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In early 2004 we had a small but very informative conversation with a highly-placed source at BMW. The person revealed that the then-new 6 Series would indeed go quite above 300kW. Much higher. It turned out reference was to the M6, all 378kW of it. That’s not the very interesting part by the way; your yawns are telling. That part is the story of a “lightweight” 6, something we might call an M6 CSL.

Our source confirmed the future production of such a model, but claimed it probably won’t be badged a CSL. And while we trust this source almost 100 percent, we can’t help but nervously look at the clock, relentlessly ticking away. New model 6 is due out in 2010, yet we still have no M6 CSL.

Meanwhile, a growing number of insiders are talking about an M3 CSL, slated for the year 2010. It is said to carry about 100kg less than the standard 4.0-litre V8, but adds at least 30 bhp in the process, giving it a 4.5 second shoot from zero to 60 mph. Excess fat will be trimmed ala the usual suspect material, carbon fiber. Slicker rubber as well as other minuses will ensure these performance figures. What of the Nürburgring though? A time of 7:45 is thought to be the target for that.


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