Super efficient, Loremo Will Get a New Appearance  

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What is the sense in having a 1-ton vehicle to carry, most of the times, only one person? Loremo is a German-based carmaker that has asked itself about it and came up with a clever solution: make a lighter car. In order to do so, it has used lots of new concepts, such as no regular doors, great aerodynamics and small diesel engines. The results are the LS and GT versions of its car, also named Loremo. Weighing 450 kg, the cars manage to have incredible fuel economy figures. The first one reaches 66.7 km/l, accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 20 s and a has maximum speed of 160 km/h. More interesting, the GT reaches 37 km/l, sprints from standstill to 100 km/h in 9 s and tops 220 km/h. For some of you, this must be no real news. The real ones are the changes it has faced before it goes on sale, what is expected to happen in 2009.

Besides being very light, Loremo has interesting safety solutions, such as the absence of regular doors. Its front and its back open to grant access to front and back passengers, which travel back to back, or else, the driver and the front passenger facing the road ahead and the back passengers facing the back window. In a crash, deformation can be better controlled with the use of less pieces in the body.

The engine of the car (a two-cylinder generating 20 bhp for LS and a three-cylinder producing 49 bhp for GT, both turbodiesels) placed among the front and the back passengers. Since the side of the car has no openings, its structure is stronger than in regular cars. Another benefit is the air resistance. Loremo’s cx is only 0.20. LS car will be sold by 11,000 euros, while GT units will cost 15,000 euros.

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