New Aston Martin One-77  

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The contour of the car as well as all the details like the shape of the windows, the mirrors, the muscular rear fenders and the stretched out front fenders were clear from Aston Martin’s preview.especially in the eyes of designer Jon Sibal who has created this new rendering of the model, you may also remember Jon for the superb rendering published here on WCF of the Mercedes McLaren SLR Roadster.

The huge vents in the front bumper is something new from Aston Martin also. This vent is aligned with the vents on the side panels which spans across the front fenders all the way to the the door which replaced the relatively tiny front fender trademark vents found in the previous models.

Details about the model were left very much to the rumour mill, it is believed that the power will come from a hand-built 7.0 liter V12 engine which will be housed nicely inside a chassis made of aluminium and carbon fiber.
Source: John Sibal

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