Audi Creates GT3 R8 the race edition  

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"The R8 is the first production Audi bearing the name and genes of a successful racing sportscar and is therefore an excellent base from which to build up our first big customer sport programme,” explains Head of Audi Motorsport Dr Wolfgang Ullrich. "Ever since the R8 was unveiled we’ve been inundated with enquiries about a race version. With the Audi R8 we will offer customers a racing sportscar equipped with high-calibre technology and the typical Audi qualities, but which is nevertheless easy to handle.”

The Audi R8 is a race car in itself and it would be wrong to deny it the opportunity to enter into some of the great races of the world. We are now happy to report that within a year the first full GT3-spec race versions of the Audi R8 will be coming out of the factory doors.

Power for the model has been boosted to 500hp and the engineers have also digged deep into the technics to conform with GT3 standards. The four-wheel-drive system had to be replaced with a more conventional GT rear-wheel drive system and it is also equipped with a newly developed six-speed sports sequential gear box. Additional downforce is achieved with the huge rear wing as well as a modified front end.

Audi plans to race the model for the first time some time during the 2009 season.
Source: Audi World Car Fans

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