Ferrari Enzo Crashed by Eddie Griffin has been Rebuilt  

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You may remember earlier this year, the gut-wrenching video of a Ferrari Enzo being annihilated by Actor Eddie Griffin whilst filming new film Redline. There were those that even thought the whole event was a publicity stunt, it even led to a "save the Enzo" campaign on some blogs but few would have ever believed the crashed model would ever make it onto the road again.

Those who did believe it, well – you are wrong, the model you see before your eyes is the exact same Enzo which went crashing into a wall on that ill-fated day.

Following the crash, Matt Groner entered the fray, his company Matthews Auto Sales specialises in taking virtually unrepairable high end cars and giving them a new lease of life. They just couldn't pass on the opportunity to get down and dirty with the Enzo and we are sure a great number of Ferrari enthusiasts out there are glad they did.

Read Matt's full story over at Jalopnik.
Source: Jalopnik World Car Fans

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