Hamann promotes MINI Cooper Performance Upgrades  

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German tuner Hamann may be better known for their work with Porsche, Ferrari and BMW, but they have also been known to turn their attentions to small hatches from time to time. The Fiat 500 recently received the Hamann treatment, and now the Mini Cooper gets a set of performance upgrades as well.

The tuning program is available for both the Cooper S and the Cooper D, as well as the Clubman S. Offering to increase output of the diesel-powered Mini Cooper D, which isn’t yet available in the U.S., from 175hp (130kW) to 204hp (150kW), with 260lb-ft (350Nm) of torque available across the range from 1,600rpm to 5,000rpm, Hamann claims the resulting performance figures shave about a half second from the 0-100km/h (62mph) time and add 3mph (5km/h) to the top speed. The sportier Cooper S gets upgraded to 230hp (172kW) and 244lb-ft (330Nm) of torque, with a rise in top speed to 148mph (238km/h).

Both cars also get appearance tuning, with a fully functional aerodynamics kit reshaping the front, sides and rear of the car for better airflow and increased downforce. Eighteen-inch diameter, 7.5-inch wide HM EVO wheels are the standard, though customers can choose from a number of options. Hankook S1 EVO tires in 225/35Z sizing provide the grip. The chassis is lowered by 30mm, thanks to an all-new coilover suspension system. The ride height is also adjustable, allowing up to 50mm of lowering for times when clearance isn’t a priority.

Inside, Hamann tweaks some of the appearance elements for a custom look, including the handbrake, pedals and a set of carbon fiber trim.

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