Honda/Acura NSX Caught Powering Round Nurburgring Again  

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The revival of the Japanese supercars has been fantastic, models such as the Toyota LF-A and Nissan GT-R have been a breath of fresh air on the industry and soon the Honda/Acura NSX will get in on the party. Unlike the previous mid-engined NSX, this prototype is running a front-mid engine, with its powerplant placed well behind the front wheels to ensure excellent weight distribution. This should also allow the new NSX to offer 2+2 cabin accommodation, broadening its appeal – particularly in the USA.

Not expected until 2009, Honda’s supercar is aiming to compete against rivals like Porsche’s 911 Turbo, the Ferrari F430 and the Lamborghini Gallardo.

Under the hood we can definitely hear the bite of a V10, there are however questions over whether Honda will turbo charge this engine or perhaps leave it in its naturally aspirated form. Honda’s not as obsessed as many by big horsepower outputs, but even so an output of 450 hp seems likely. Should such an engine be fitted to the sort of lightweight body as the previous NSX, the performance would be exceptional.
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2 评论: to “ Honda/Acura NSX Caught Powering Round Nurburgring Again

  • 29/8/08 04:00  

    yeah! its much better,

  • 31/8/08 18:49  

    If Honda puts the engine in front it forgets that the nsx's legacy lives because its a rear mid engine.... faster than Lamborghini? f430? no one cares if its faster if it lacks true exotic layout. M-R.

    I have an NSX with almost every R-part right down to the white paint with black roof and hood. and my next car will be another MR. Honda lost its racing soul long ago with the death of the previous CEO. Think Ford GT buyers are running to get a blazingly fast GT-R?.. NO. 360 owners?.. NO. Audi R8 owners flocking to Nissan?... NO. bye-bye Honda. Even the next corvette maybe a MR. Hard to believe I have to say that they get my respect And by the way I don't care if a MR can be achieved with the engine in the front, It goes in the back. MR with real soul gets the engine in the back. Honda take your head out of Nissan's ass. Copy cats lose my respect. Honda is now a follower.

    Why cant you be like Porsche who everyone loves mainly because no matter how bad of a layout that rear engine really is they make it work amazingly and refuse to change it because it is the the soul of a 911.

    The NSX has a soul, want to make a Front engine MR.... Please just do not call it a NSX because that stood for New Sports Car eXperimental, There is nothing new about a front mid engine AWD 500hp monster... Nissan already did that all your doing is re-engineering it making it a little faster and then riding a 15yr old, slow poor old daddy's coat tails the NSX.

    Honda's engineering crew is too weak to conceive something out side of the box. This is like the RX-7 / Supra battle of the 90's, where the NSX just did its own thing and still sold for double even though slower, and still got more press and long term respect for the manufacture.