Fiat 500 based Castagna Tender Two EV  

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The Tender Two follows the original Tender model the Coachbuilder created back in 2005 based on the Mini Cooper, it follows a theme to give occupants an at-sea experience with its salt-water and abrasion resistant synthetic leather along with the pretty nifty looking decking covering the interior flooring.

Italian coachbuilders Castagna are hardly the household name that rivals such as Pininfarina have become, their previous works have included one-off vehicles such as the Ferrari 575 Aria from Geneva 2005 as well as a number of coachbuilding projects which saw creations such as a Mini SUV and Mini Wagon back in 2004. They have now released details on their latest project, the Fiat 500 based Castagna Tender Two EV (Electric Vehicle).

It is capable of reaching speeds of up to 80mph and can go up to 85 miles on a single charge which can be re-charged to 80% in just four hours from a household socket. Castagna have also transformed the model from a quite beautiful road car into a two-seater beach buggy.
Source:World Car Fans

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