Paris Motor Show:Honda Insight Concept  

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The Honda concept shares some styling cues with the FCX Clarity fuel cell vehicle, though it’s hard to overlook its obvious resemblance to the Toyota Prius as well. Like the Prius, the Insight concept will offer the versatility of a five-door hatchback configuration, and gain the aerodynamic benefits of the reduced front end profile. Despite its visual similarity, Honda claims that the Insight will be priced “significantly below hybrids available today,” when the car debuts in the U.S. market next spring.

The Insight will go on sale with rather huge expectations from its parent company, which says that it expects to sell on the order of 200,000 examples worldwide, and more than 100,000 units in the U.S. alone. Those hybrid sales will also be boosted with the launch of a smaller, sportier model based on the CR-Z concept, after the Insight is revealed.Read All

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