Fiat's Bugster electric off-road concept revealed in Sao Paulo  

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Fiat has opened Sao Paulo Auto Show today with the official presentation of Bugster. The only problem is that Bugster was only the development name of the car. Its real name became FCC II, short for Fiat Concept Car.

Equipped with a real electric engine, able to develop 59 kW (80.2 bhp) and 220 Nm, FCC II is powered by 93 lithium-ion batteries and is able to run up to 100 km. The concept vehicle is 3.25 m long, 1.81 m wide, 1.48 m tall and has 2.16 m of wheelbase. Its large tyres, 255/55 R19, give it a mean appearance.

If it was able to carry more batteries, it surely would be better both in range and in performance (not disclosed, but easy to guess with its engine), but it would weigh much more than its 980 kg.

FCC II uses only one engine, but it could have at least one per axle, what would make it a real 4x4. Anyway, it is already better than any stationary 1:1 model.

Source: Motortips

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