Paris Motor Show:Ssangyong Giugiaro Styled C200 SUV  

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There is likely to be some degree of Rover content in some of the new cars. SsangYong parent SAIC is now producing cars based on Rover platforms, as well as updated versions of the K-series Rover petrol engines, and these engines in particular are likely to be used in SsangYong’s future product. The Rover X60 platform is also likely to form the basis of some of the more conventional cars – effectively Giugiaro-styled Rovers.

SsangYong showed the first fruits of its relationship with Shanghai Automotive Industries Group – a new compact SUV, codenamed C200.

New dealers will need to be recruited before SsangYong UK moves into passenger cars, Williams says. Not all the new models will come to the UK – some of them are large saloons, aimed at the Korean domestic market. “We know we’ll not take all the 20 models,”says Williams. “We need to make the right choice about what comes next.”

The C200 has been styled by Giugaro, whose ItalDesign styling house is working closely with SsangYong on new models. The C200 gives a good impression of the look of future SsangYongs, Williams adds.more detail

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