Paris preview:Mitsubishi Colt & Colt Ralliart  

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Ralliart as any world car fan knows, is a badge synonymous with Lancer performance but has now been introduced for baby Colt as well. The Colt Ralliart replaces the old 3-door CZT and adds another innovation to the name by giving an extra two doors for variation, if you prefer it. So puny power becomes practical as well. The car runs a 150ps 1.5-litre turbo engine on both versions. As far as equipment goes, since you are not paying too much for these cars you aren’t getting that much back either. Some nice features include an auxiliary plug for audio inputs, cruise control and “come home” lighting.

It’s that time again, when Mitsubishi unveils the new generation Colt. Baby Colt was shown at the Paris Motor Show for the first time and is coming to a Mitsubishi dealer near you, in Europe anyway, by November 2008. In keeping up with the competition, the Colt will be offered in 1.1-litre, 1.3-litre and 1.5-litre Clear Tec engine variants. These are good for 75ps (100Nm), 95ps (125Nm) and 109ps (145Nm) each respectively. All in petrol. The last Colt diesel sold dismally so Mitsu will not go down that slippery spiky path again this time around. The engines are equipped with automatic stop and go technology to help improve fuel economy and reduce bad emissions. Standard is a 5-speed manual transmission but an AllShift automated manual is offered with the 1.3.

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