Sao Paulo Auto Show:Chevrolet GPiX Concept Photos Leaked  

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Here are the first pictures from Chevrolet GPiX. This is the concept car GM has announced when it celebrated its 100 years. It anticipates the project Viva, a project that will give birth to a new family of vehicles, including a hatchback that shall replace Corsa in South American countries. Besides the hatchback, there will also be a sedan, a pick-up truck and possibly a small crossover, such as GPix.

Based on the fourth generation Corsa, also known as Corsa D, Viva will preserve its European brother's dimensions, such as a 2.50 m wheelbase and a 4 m lenght. Engines, at least in Brazil, will be the 1.4-litre Econo.Flex and a 1.8-litre engine, which should be replaced by a new one, since it is not very fuel efficient. We will have more details on the car pretty soon, when Sao Paulo Auto Show opens its doors to the press, next Monday.

Source: MotorTips

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