Audi S5: Now with LED tail lamps and MMI 3G  

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His pride Irin Audi Coupe, a model care. From now on, the Audi S5 on LED tail lamps and is optional with the current system of MMI-equipped 3.Generation.
The small Schönheitsretuschen show a large effect. The rear view works by newly designed lights clearly elegant. Through the use of LEDs was the whole illuminated graphic redesigned and the white bar is further down wandered. Before the model care reminded the rear of the S5 tend to slip tired songs, so the visual impression of the entire rear lot suffered, the new solution fits so much better on the whole, elegant lines of the S5.

Besides the visual novelty at the stern, Audi also missed the infotainment system of the S5 a Frischzellenkur. With the 3G MMI believes the latest generation of the Multi Media Interface feeder coupe in the series.

So far, the system was only the new Audi Q5, A8 and A6 reserved gefacelifteten. In addition to a hard drive and a faster graphics technology, the MMI 3G on a topographical Kate and a small Presentation Coursor on the Dreh-/Drückschalter.

While the new 3G MMI also for the A5 series is available, the LED tail lamps being positioned above the S5 reserved.

More shots of the Audi S5 in Daytonagrau:

Thanks to Michael for the great shots of the S5!

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