Bugatti Veyron modified by Mansory  

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Customized Bugatti Veyrons are almost as common as the cars themselves, which is to say not common at all.

But this particular car, modified by Mansory, is less common than even most other custom Veyrons. Little information about the car exists, though there appear to be as many as three examples of this particular styling package.Eschewing the popular matte-color trend of late, the Mansory Vincero is pure gloss from stem to stern.

For those that would like to investigate the matter in person, or just happen to have several million unused dollars lying about, the car is on sale at Prestige Cars in the United Arab Emirates.

An extra dose of naked carbon fiber across the front bonnet and rear engine cover, plus the rear fascia and diffuser gives the Vincero the look of the Sang Noir, which may in fact be the basis for this custom car. Only 15 of the Sang Noir special-editions were built, however, so it's more likely that this car is styled to look somewhat alike.

Largely blacked out, but with a sprinkling of chrome accents in the grille and a dark chrome treatment along the side of the car across the front fenders and door panels, the Vincero certainly lives up to its name.

Inside the car gets a typically Mansory two-tone black and white treatment, though the addition of a woven element makes for a unique touch.

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