Car News: Wagoner Heading to Bailout Hearing in Chevy Volt Prototype  

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The mule will be outfitted with the body of a Chevy Cruze but it will be equipped with the powertrain from the highly anticipated Chevy Volt. GM hopes this will send an important message to members of Capital Hill, stating in essence that a key part of the company's turn around plan will be based on new vehicles that will feature advanced technologies and improved fuel economy.

After last months public relations nightmare where CEO's from the big three took private jets to Washington DC to ask for a 25 billion dollar government loan package, General Motor's CEO Rick Wagoner has decided to forgo the first class accommodations for a Chevy Volt mule.

During GM's presentation the company will showcase the technology behind the Volt in an effort to explain to the Senators that the company's viability will be based on new energy saving technologies. With GM's plan to cut costs and focus on four core brands, the company is hoping Congress will approve their request for $18 billion in government loans.

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  • 5/12/08 20:46  

    In all based on what I read at, the abillity to swap out cars on the Volt chassis might be their saving grace.

    Southwest applies a similliar theory by only flying 2 types of jets to keep parts available, maintenance costs low and things running smoothly.