Exclusive: Details Leak On "Warp" Optioned RENNtech Mercedes SL65  

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The Cold War may be over but the ongoing battle between Mercedes-tuning shops BRABUS and RENNtech continues to heat up. We've all seen this war of HP — BRABUS releases photos of their 530 HP AMG C63. Later that day RENNtech releases their tuned 548 HP AMG C63. Next, RENNtech tunes an SLR McLaren and throws in track time. Later in the week, BRABUS tunes their SLR McLaren and throws in a tuned Smart. But it was after RENNtech tuned a GLK hybrid last week when BRABUS deigned it necessary to create a "photon torpedo gap" between the two shops — releasing a tuned Tesla Roadster earlier today on the waves of spaceship-like sounds and LED lights. Not willing to let such a gap continue, our sources tell us RENNtech's upped the ante into a new galaxy with a mysterious "warp speed" feature. Hit the jump to hear what they had to say.
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