Ford Focus RS gets driving debut by 'Flying Finn' Marcus Grönholm in Wales  

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The production Focus RS will feature the same 2.5 liter, 5 cylinder Duratec turbocharged engine currently found in the Focus ST. But this new variant will be pumping out 300 horses, compared to the ST's 225.

Peak torque will also be a substantial 440 Nm. Ford has achieved those numbers by tweaking the 2.5 liter power plant with new a cylinder head and gasket, special camshafts and a new intake and manifold system (and likely a little chip tuning, although Ford doesn't mention that). 0 to 100 km/h comes in at under 6 seconds and top speed is 161 mph, or 260 km/h.

The RS badge, of course, was born from rally racing (it stands for Rallye Sport) and Ford has chosen former WRC Champion Marcus Grönholm, who began his career in rally racing back in 1987 with a Ford Escort, to introduce the car to the public at the last race of the WRC season.

The RS will come with all the expected colors of Ford tradition. Performance Blue, echoing the blue oval logo, will be the mainstay of the RS. It will also be available in Ultimate Green and Frozen White. No ST-style orange, though, perhaps to keep that model distinct from the RS.

Move over Focus ST, here comes the Ford Focus RS...again.

Yes, the RS badge is back on the Focus after a 6 year hiatus. And Ford has found just the right event at which to debut the new RS - at the WRC Wales Rally GB.

But, alas, the Focus RS remains front-wheel drive. The Quaife Automatic Torque Biasing limited-slip differential and something called a RevoKnuckle front-suspension system are supposed to make up for that and control all that power coming through the front axle. But one has the right to be skeptical here. The last RS was a success at this dilemma, but that was only 215 hp spinning the front wheels.

At 300 hp this may be Ford's most powerful production car in Europe, but let's hope its not too much for a front-wheel drive Focus to handle.
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