Lexus LF-A Supercar Still Alive Despite Cost Cuts  

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What is expected to end up happening is that the 500hp Lexus will be built to a limited number of only 500 examples. Whether that includes the cabriolet or not remains to be seen.

Toyota is really serious about bringing to market the Lexus LF-A sports car by 2011. This despite the current economic situation, especially pronounced in the financial services and automobile manufacturing sectors. The company is holding firm on its commitment to Formula One as well, even though "to keep it up at the current level [of spending] is extremely difficult", according to CEO Katsuaki Watanabe. Rival Honda recently pulled the plug on its NSX as well as its F1 programme.

Earlier this year the LF-A teased crowds at the Nurburgring 24 hours and more recently at Toyota's Motorsport Festival at the Fuji Speedway. A small number of LF-A prototypes are rumoured to be on a short list to compete at various racing championships once again in 2009.
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