Spied: New 2011 Porsche Cayenne Interior  

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Looking at the spy shot of the interior one can see a major update coming within the interior with simililarities to its bigger brother car the Panamera which means lots more buttons and a shift lifter positioned higher for better driving comfort.

To see a picture of the Porsche Panamera interior and the similarities click here. The Cayenne itself does not appear to have as much as a slope in with the new control unit as the Panamera does.

The exterior of the Cayenne was refreshed not too long ago and from these camouflaged photos it appears that the next Cayenne will receive new integrated LED lights below the current positioning of the headlights units. LED lighting is already found on the new Porsche 911. Overall this upgraded Cayenne is shaping up to be a more exciting model from Porsche and it is giving drivers more features that they want such as the LED lights and the more efficient layout of interior controls just to name a few.

Surrounding the shift lifter on both sides are a plethora of buttons for the driver, which should include window controls, lock controls, and controls for the navigation unit just to name a few. Controls for the dual climate buttons appear to be positioned underneath the navigation unit. Above the shift lever there appears to be a MMI like control knob although we cannot confirm this addition. It would though seem likely since the Audi Q7 features this piece of technology already. Overall the positioning of the controls gives the interior a more sexy, sporty, and streamlined look.
Source: luxvelocity.typepad.

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