Bugatti Veyron will finish line in sight  

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Bugatti, the finishing line in sight for the Veyron. Last year knew the supersport manufacturer to deliver 73 copies. Although a few less than the 81 in the previous year, but the manufacturer has mid 2008 half variant presented. Open implementation of the production has started.

Bugatti spokesman Georges Keller of late De Telegraaf that there are about 50 copies of the 1.8 million euro cost Veyron available. When those sold, is the canvas for the sports coupe. Keller has no vision at the time that the last copy of the tape rolling. "This depends on the host Gran Sport," explains Keller from. "We start at the end of March with the construction of this open variant. If the question of the Gran Sport bigger, then at the expense of the coupe production. The two types are produced on the same line."

Bugatti will build only 300 units of the Veyron. At present the sales counter at 250 units, so let Keller know. From the Gran Sport 150 units will be manufactured. Are the first 40 units for Bugatti loyal customers intended, but which have not yet fully responded. In the Netherlands is known for a Bugatti-owner who has ordered the open variant. Our country has to be six-Veyron owners.
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