First time on video for New 2011 Porsche 911 Coupe and Cabriolet  

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Our spies showed up on the scene while three prototypes were at a fuel stop. They took full advantage, capturing over two minutes of raw video, showing the much-loved car from many different angles. Engineers have been looking into winter performance capabilities of the 998 in the north of Sweden, where extreme weather pushes cars to their limits. Two cabrios and a coupe were being road tested.

Generational improvements will include raised headlights, new side mirrors placed on the doors, with LEDs expected at both the front and back. Inside, more room will be made at the back, requiring the car to be stretched a bit longer. Power should come from direct-injection engines, with a possible 3.0-liter version coming standard. Customers will have the choice of upgrading to an all-wheel-drive version, or keeping the standard RWD. Transmission choices include a manual transmission, or the seven-speed PDK dual-clutch currently seen on the 2009 model.

The drivers looked to be doing some reconnaissance work of their own, snapping several photos of the spies as they headed back to the highways.

The new 2011 Porsche 911 Coupe and Cabriolet have been caught on video for the first time. This is the new generation of Porsche's flagship sports car, internally referred to as the 998.
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