Geneva Debut: Sportec SPR1 M with 858hp  

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Sportec with an update on the above SPR1: the SPR1M. This car is 3 seconds from 0 to 100!

The sprint from 0-200 is perhaps even more impressive, it does the SPR1 in 8.6 seconds! Perhaps the SPR1M that take? The available power is 858 hp with a max torque of 880 Nm. Sportec will next week unveil the car at the Geneva car show, then it will also be shown the Autorai (April). The SPR1M is based on the 997 Turbo and completely rebuilt by hand using a lot of carbon. To ensure exclusivity, only 10 copies made.

The Sportec SPR1 continued in 2007 the second time down to Nardo, there was achieved a top speed of 378 km / h. The SPR1M this should increase to 390 km / h.
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