GM's LS9 crate motor costs more than most cars  

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Tuners and hot rodders everywhere dove into a horsepower-induced coma when GM announced its epic LS9 would be available as a crate engine. The company has rolled out its 2009 performance parts catalog and sure enough, there's the engine - complete with a $ 21,000 price tag. Steep?

Depends on where you stand.With 630 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque, a dry-sump oil system and a beefy blower on top of the company's light-weight aluminum V8, there's plenty to love. Still, folks looking to get the most power are usually looking to do it with the least buck. Scrapped LS V8's can be had for as little as $ 2000, all the while cranking out 400-plus ponies. Something tells me I could make a good deal more than 630 horses with the left over $ 19,000.
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