Melbourne Motor Show: FPV F6 E Concept  

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The Blue Oval's FPV F6 is relentlessly awesome. Loud colors. Alice Cooper eye makeup. Blistering, turbocharged inline-six power. It drops the full musclecar ethos onto a completely modern Australian performance sedan.

We love it, but it may not necessarily be for everybody. Ford Performance Vehicles knows this, and the F6's V8-powered evil twin, the FPV GT, gets an additional, more subdued "E" trim level. Darker colors. No decals. No "eye black.". It's a more conservative Aussie muscle machine.

When the Melbourne Motor Show opens its doors in a few days, the FPV stand will be home to a very production-ready-looking F6 E "concept." Don't let its rather sedate appearance fool you. Underhood, you'll still find the 415-horsepower, 416 lb-ft , 4.0-liter turbo-six. Ford's performance mavens say they're using the F6 E concept car to determine whether there's demand for a production version. We think that decision's obviously been made already. After all, why else would the PR mention things like the color selection and theoretical starting price? Face it, you lucky SOBs Down Under are getting yet another tasty entree added to your street missile buffet. Official press release after the jump.
Source: FPV via:autoblog

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