Video: 2011 BMW 5-Series GT Concept officially revealed  

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Following a photo leak, BMW has officially unveiled its 5-Series GT Concept, which will be displayed at the Geneva Motor Show. The hatchback is billed as a “concept,” but the production version will be almost identical, minus the quirky interior details. The “GT” is merely one variant of the all-new 5-Series. A regular sedan and wagon will also be introduced this year. Even if the hatchback body isn’t your thing, this car provides a clear idea of how the front end of all the new 5-Series models will look.

Showing its love for new acronyms, BMW has dubbed the vehicle a “Progressive Activity Sedan.” We suppose “luxury hatchback” is simply too bland a label for the German automaker.

The roomy vehicle has four large, fully adjustable seats and, as sources are telling us, small tables as well. A recent teaser video compares the car’s cabin to flying first class, so small tables seem like a distinct possibility. Depending on the options and packages, the GT will be riding on 18- to 21-inch wheels. All-wheel-drive will definitely be an option, as well as several of the bells and whistles from the newest 5- and 7-Series models.

Overall styling appears to be similar to the X6, but the vehicle has a taller roofline arc — allowing for more headroom in back — and the rear hatch looks more cargo-friendly.

Other interior touches will include a panoramic sunroof, fully adjustable rear seats and a sealed rear trunk are, in addition to plenty of other storage spots.

Earlier reports said BMW’s next MPV would go head-to-head with Mercedes‘ R-class, but BMW instead decided to build a sedan-like crossover. This is probably a good decision for BMW as it better suits the automaker’s values and the R-class has been met with a lukewarm reception at best.
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