Audi R15 TDI engine launched  

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Audi's Le Mans 24 Hours competitors will examine the new R15 TDI engine for the closer, because they can be at the formal launch of the Audi it. Since the German car manufacturers have been leading the game for some time, when it issued a new challenge for Le Mans Grid everyone NOTICE. After all,how many other manufacturers can boast a win at Le Mans 24 Hour using a diesel-powered car? None.

Some technical adjustments have been made of the TDI on the R15 did not have the original all-conquering R10 car TDI. Such adjustments include lighter, more compact engine of the new V12 TDI diesel particulate filter, thereby improving fuel consumption, while reducing carbon dioxide emissions. At turbocharger and fuel injection system, has been the attention of engineers to create a better engine response. Aerodynamics are said to be a great improvement from the previous car.

Audi said that the new R15 TDI engine push more than 600hp (441kW) and peak torque in the above-mentioned 1050Nm.

"The R15 TDI engine has much detailed technical solutions have never been seen before in prototype sports doctor said:" Wolfgang Ullrich, head of Audi Sport. "At a certain extent, we follow the new route."

A new series of power system is being used Audi. This is mainly based on a lithium-ion batteries are a better selection of its brightness and output power than conventional batteries. Audi is synonymous with low-beam LED lights will be regarded as the first time as well as the R15 TDI engine.

R15 at the TDI to consider competitors in the 12 hours of Sebring race in March 21. This should be a good proof of the ground received June 13 launch of 24 hours in France.
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