Bugatti future unfolds in September  

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Bugatti unfolds in September its future, as Autovisie message after a conversation with Bugatti chief executive Franz-Josef Paefgen. In that month in home port Molsheim the anniversary event held to mark the 100th anniversary of the name.

Behind the scenes is currently working hard on a new model, as the Bugatti-leader on. "We are working on several projects," he says in Autovisie. The new Bugatti is certainly not smaller or less exclusive copy.

The Volkswagen subsidiary has its hands full for the construction of the Veyron. From the coupe version, the sales counter is already at more than 250 units, which means that less than 50 cars still exist. For the Grand Sport has the brand to own several dozens of orders received. Bugatti produces only 150 two-open. Special editions will be based on both variants come. Whether there is a stronger copy out is not clear. Paefgen leaves at least know that Bugatti is not the throne late strike. "If someone tries to beat us, we will have an answer ready," said Paefgen in Autovisie.

In an earlier interview with Autovisie, the Bugatti boss that "only in 2011 or 2012" is a completely new model. "The new car must fit into the Bugatti history, but also to the Veyron. A totally different direction is not an option." According to the principles of founder Ettore, the new car "at least one plane extreme, though not necessarily for performance. Bugatti affected the limits and always searched for new ideas to outdo the competition," said Paefgen.
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