China seen producing scaled-down knockoff of Peugeot Hoggar concept  

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The Peugeot Hoggar Concept from 2003 was a two-seat buggy named for an Algerian desert, designed to be "a sports car for extreme conditions." It had two cast alloy seats in the middle, and two transverse, 180-horsepower diesel engines – one mounted up front, one out back – driving each axle through two semi-automatic gearboxes. The cabin was, as one might expect of a showcar, filled with leather and aluminum.

But the Peugeot Hoggar Concept is not the vehicle you see above – it's a smaller Hoggar knockoff made in China by an as-yet-unknown firm, evidently created by using images of the Hoggar found online. Like the concept, it has four-wheel drive, but that's about where the overlap ends. It's powered by an 800cc Chery QQ engine running through a five-speed gearbox. You can compare and contrast the two cars for yourselves in the gallery below.

Sources: China Car Times via:autoblog

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