Rumour: Dacia SUV to Resemble Nissan Qashqai  

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After we have announced, exclusively, that Dacia has already started production of parts and components for future SUV model, ready for release this toamana, information returns with the first.

Sources within the company Dacia we have said that the first SUV model in the history of the company will borrow a number of elements on the Nissan Qashqai. So, the new compact SUV Dacia will draw on the Qashqai and will stylistic elements and dimensions of the Nissan model.

In addition, the model also Qashqai Dacia SUV will be available in a version with 7 seats. This is not just a producer for the first novel, the MCV is available in a version with 7 seats.

According to our sources, who wished to remain anonymous, Dacia will prepare a big surprise to design new SUV. These design concept Duster, which will find place in the style of the new Dacia model.

Last week, several publications have provided a Romanian series of spy images that had the new Dacia SUV crash test in Sweden. Photos was easy to notice that Dacia test chassis future model, in case the vehicle found a simple test is Logan. Consequently, the future is worth mentioned that model SUV will not use the Logan platform.

Furthermore, our sources have revealed to us that the new Dacia SUV will not have any connection with Sandero Stepway.

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