Koenigsegg joins EV race with new Quant supercar concept  

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'Extreme' is a word bandied about too easily in the field of high-end super sports car, but this is only at Koenigsegg case the most accurate method, and said: their car are extreme. Stability are the latest special add Sweden to disclose, as a full-scale model at the Geneva Motor Show today.

Vehicles are in fact intelligence researcher NLV Swedish companies solar power company - a pioneer in opto-electronics and power technology. The project was commissioned at birth Koenigsegg NLV development and design of the "car of the future", and put the company's proprietary solar technology. Finally the results of four solar power are special.

At RWD special is on the AC induction motor rated at 512hp combined output (382kW) and 527 lbs ft (715Nm) of torque. Dual-motor design, no need to bevel gear or differences, thus simplifying the layout and to give constant and control power to the rear ingredients, in these two drives and the coast mode.

Tenet has space for four adults
Weight are expected to contain 1,780 kilograms, which should be 0 - 100 kmh time 5.2 seconds, top speed of 275 kilometers / hour in order to assist the weight savings possible, the special use of carbon fiber chassis and monotube backbone proprietary power storage system, known as the flow energy storage battery (armed forces). The development of NLV, the weight of the armed forces a total of four hundred and fifty kilograms and does not contain hazardous substances or heavy metals in lithium-ion batteries used in most other car manufacturers.

NLV claimed that the armed forces of the system that may be charged at full capacity within 20 minutes, so that a range of 500 kilometers vehicles. Help to extend the scope of a solar cell are known as thin coatings are applied to vehicles shutdown body. Finally, the special is also equipped with brake energy recovery system.

The quantitative measures 4879 millimeters in length, using a dual gull-wing doors, and can accommodate four adults. Internal features include a variety of information display, three zone climate control, and LED detail.

Koenigsegg plans to eventually set up and NLV special for public sale, and is working to the first working prototype.
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