New website to go live during first 2009 F1 Grand Prix season opener  

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Ferrari is launching its redesigned website this Sunday on March 29. A host of new features will ensure visitors to the site never forget the experience. One of the latest features will be the Maranello Experience section. When going into this visitors are able to take a virtual tour of the company complex in Maranello. The images and video clips will give visitors a 360° view and much better understanding of how Ferrari cars are assembled.

Visitors can click on the GT & Sport cars section if they are keen on choosing and personalising a Ferrari of their choice, from exterior colours and interiors to taking their pick from the list of optional extras. They can even take a virtual test drive at the Mugello Circuit and have Michael Schumacher advise them on the best racing lines to take.

During F1 GP race weekends users can keep up with the two cars live on the track, including getting information on telemetry. Test driver Marc Genè will give the users advice on each situation as well. An exclusive area is being reserved for existing Ferrari customers in order to facilitate better communication between themselves and the company.

Ferrari promises a never-ending adventure on their new website thanks to these and other features, plus the 500 articles, 2173 images and 600 video clips that are posted.

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