Rumormill: Audi TT RS, RS5 coming Stateside  

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Although the current report and Audi's own official statements show that the Audi TT is not remote sensing to the United States, U.S. Audi sources tell us the contrary, This is a very high opportunity, it can make the United States. Audi views the new 335 hp special remote sensing (This is the newly released 2009 Geneva International Motor Show) as part of its halo car, therefore, think this is an important image of the United States at the car, not to mention a vehicle that can take on The United States likes the Porsche Cayman why Europe has been the way the RS at the United States?

We are the industry told us that the United States would prefer to stagger the release of the Audi lane change in order to maintain fresh models and buyer interest. In other words, so that the recently introduced 265-horsepower Speech Synthesis some sales and praise before the RS steals focus. When can we expect the RS in the U.S.? European sales start this month, a figure this autumn.

Of course, we also asked whether the madness of remote sensing will be a 6-garde American homeland, and the Federal Reserve usually line - it is still "under consideration." Translation? This is a long shot. Without such a long shot are the upcoming RS 5, should give future buyers a large number of suspended M3.

Expected to have around 500 horsepower, rear biased four-wheel-drive, rear differential torque vector, and enormous braking systems from Audi coupe stealthiest 4.

As for Friday, if you enjoy the current 4.2L 354-horsepower V - 8, then you will have a 2010 model year through the selection of a. Once the 2011 model year or so volumes, Audi acquired five new 333-horsepower 3.0L supercharged V - 6 (also available in the new Medium four), mating or six-speed manual or seven-speed version of S-car dual-clutch gearbox automatic transmission.
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