Seibu Keisatsu’s Skyline vs. Mercury Cougar  

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Prepare a number of Detroit, a home game against Japan's action? Ah C210-day hunt for Mercury Cougar in 1970, perhaps? In fact, it's attack, one of Seibu chief Keisatsu added a new vehicle fleet, the super turbo machine X days 2000GT! This is the latest technology in combating crime, come back, camera and a couple of the computer the whole cabin!

Would not you know, it's the first day in the motor pool crew has to go through some of the muscle car drivers, the bad guys. Time to break it! Let us pursue the adoption of a long JAPAN Highway, retrieval and awe-inspiring nostalgia steel.

As a key prior to the announcement of the introduction of standing in this view so much boost sales, Nissan made a point to donate the latest models of future events as soon as they are released.

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