Rendered Speculation: Chevrolet Volt-based Saab Fashionista  

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At this point, it's not a certainty that Saab or even parent company General Motors will still be in the car business in the year 2012, but let's not let that tidbit get in the way of an interesting concept car. Authored by Mayeul Walser, a fourth year design student at Creapole-ESDI, the Saab Fashionista is a 2+2 sport coupe that is reportedly inspired by the designs of Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel.
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    So why call it the Fashionista? Apparently this Saab concept partially takes its inspiration from Chanel’s collection, created by leading designer Karl Lagerfeld. It also features future technologies drawn from science fiction, such as the gullwing-esque front doors, and the lower section which apparently moves “out and then back”.