Burying the Dead: Pontiac G8 faces recall over faulty taillamps, tire-pressure sensors  

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General Motors may have already buried its Pontiac division, but the brand’s recent passing isn’t stopping a posthumous recall campaign by the automaker and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The action, which covers some 35,038 Pontiac G8 sedans from the 2008 and 2009 model years, stems from two potential issues:

1) The brake pedal position switch may be incorrectly programmed, which NHTSA says could lead to the brake lamps operating in a constant state of illumination, leaving trailing motorists unable to tell whether the G8 driver ahead of them is stepping on the binders or not. The defective taillamps could therefore contribute to an accident.

2) In another programming issue, certain G8s make have tire pressure monitoring systems loaded with incorrect values, which could result in the system failing to identify under-inflated tires, potentially leading to reduced handling abilities and/or tire failure.

According to NHTSA, Pontiac dealers will reprogram the brake position sensor and the remote control door lock receiver to remedy both issues. G8 drivers can expect the recall to begin by June 5, and anxious owners can call GM at 1-800-620-7668 to learn more. Thanks for the tip, Peter!


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