Geiger Corvette Z06 biTURBO: 890hp, 7.6L monster  

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The overall capability of the modern Corvette platform is simply amazing. Available in stock trim from tame to insane, the car adapts easily to modification, generating impressive performance. The team at Geiger have proven exactly that with their latest creation, the Corvette Z06 biTURBO.

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Starting with modifications to the cylinder block, heads and crank, the displacement of the 7.0L LS7 increases to 7.6L. Then the Geiger gang strap a pair of high-output turbochargers plus extra airflow at both the intake and exhaust ends to help get the most out of the new engine's capability.

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But they didn't stop there. Like nature uses coloring to alert predators that certain prey isn't safe to eat, so Geiger has painted their biTURBO car an eye-splitting shade of green. No one will miss the point once this car blasts past.

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The result? 890hp (664kW) at 6,100rpm and 694lb-ft (940Nm) of torque at 4,500rpm. That's enough to push the Corvette through the air at 220mph (354km/h) according to Geiger.

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Geiger's own GT body kit was used to give the car a lower, meaner look and to let the turbos breathe easier without destroying the Corvette's brawny lines.

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The rest of the upgrades are intended to help handle the extra power and performance Geiger has tuned into the car: a stronger transmission and dual-disc transmission plus a carbon fiber driveshaft and stronger rear differential, larger 285/30 and 345/25 tires on big black alloys, and 380x32 (front) and 355x32 (rear) StopTech brakes to slow things down. Special Geiger-tuned adjustable shocks, higher rate springs and anti-roll bars finish off the handling upgrades.

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