The Golden Ferrari! Pininfarina  

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The New Pininfarina project dubbed the "Golden Ferrari". Apparently based on the 599 GTB, the car seems to have received inspiration from the Ferrari 330 LMB featured in the short film "Toby Dammit".

He made for us the following photos of a special new Ferrari, which was not yet running. On the plate is "The Golden Ferrari" in reading, the Pininfarina logo below. The whole suggests that this is a piece of coach building is, according to insiders, a one-off. We wrote earlier that Ferrari is the coach building to new life would blow. They would also cooperate with partners such as Fioravanti (check), Zagato, Touring Superleggera, and of course Pininfarina.

The front is very similar to a 599, but towards the back forming the lines into something very different. The back is even very retro, in which the design appears almost equal to the golden Ferrari (the golden car) from the short film Toby Dammit, part of Spirits of the Dead. This Ferrari was based on a 330LMB (with 4-liter V12) and was using Fiorenzo Fantuzzi a new body. Pininfarina has apparently want to make a remake of this classic. Check the gallery for more pictures!

Source: autoblog

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