Volvo P1800 - by Vöcks and Vizualtech!  

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Bilbyggargeniet Mattias Vöcks to put teeth in a Volvo P1800 and inspiration to help, he has illustrations from the talented Bo Zolland on Vizualtech. Original lines are maintained, but technically, it is only modern stuff, and under the hood ...

The original lines from Pelle Petterson has been modified by Bo Zolland on Vizualtech. Wheel Houses are promoted and the front extended by 70 millimeters, among others. CLICK FOR LARGE

Just as well that we reveal it directly - Vöcks Mattias has plans to cut down a Volvo V8 engine with turbo's rebuilt P1800. The goal is to squeeze out of 550 - 600 hp! To get a little alert character Mattias has also been looking up a manual, sexväxlad box to the Yamaha engine.

The basic idea of the whole project is to build a modern GT wagon with solid performance whilst retaining the classic look. Bo Zolland of the company Vizualtech in Umeå have helped with their virtual magic wand and created the illustrations that are almost photo realistic.

Looking closely at the illustrations are the basic features remain, but the front is extended 70 mm and the wheel arches are promoted, bars gone. The boxes are glued and rear window is an integral part of the roof. The front is partially modified, new lights front and rear, rear diffuser, flat underside, and more - and more!

According to Bo Zollands illustration will be back window into a full glass roof that becomes an integral part. The more you look, the more fun features are found. Mattias Vöcks might imagine a little series - if interested? CLICK FOR LARGE

Construction is underway and can be followed on Mattias Vöcks website, where there also are plenty of photos and documentation of his previous projects. Anyone who wants to look at more fantastic illustrations from Bo Zolland can jump to his funky website at this link.

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