BMW M Concept envisaged Audi R8 Rival  

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2009 bmw m concept

Tired of waiting for BMW to come up with an Audi R8 rival, designer Idreas Noah created this independent design proposal for a sleek, stylish and aggressive Beemer.

Inspiration for the design came from flowing water and ripples, and the sides are inspired by what’s called in surfing terms “a barrel or tube.” The concept runs on a tweaked 5-l V10 from the M6, that would generate more than 400kW power. Dimensions for the M Concept are nearly the same as its targeted rival, the Audi R8.

2009 bmw m concept

Noah writes that the design for such a model has to be "Aggressive, Sleek, Agile and totally different from anything on the road today." Consistency with BMW's design paradigm is maintained by the "the trademark grille and hockey stick pillar."

Under the hood Noah envisions an amped-up version of the 5.0 liter V10 currently found in the M6.

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