New Golf Plus BiFuel now available for order  

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VW Golf Plus BiFuel

The Volkswagen Golf BiFuel mkVI hatchback was first debuted at Bologna in December and now available for order. Now VW adds the VW Golf Plus variant to it's LPG lineup. The car runs on both liquified petroleum gas and conventional petrol. Both Golf hatchback and Golf Plus are the first vehicles with a factory-installed LPG system put on the market by VW.

VW Golf Plus BiFuel

Although the car burns a higher quantity of LPG than petrol, using LPG can translate to a savings of over €6.10 for every 100km using the current price of fuel in Germany. Germany charges a lower amount of tax on LPG versus petrol.

VW Golf Plus BiFuel

When running on LPG the Golf Plus cuts down on emissions by 10 percent. Using a 97 horsepower 1.6-liter four-banger the car burns either 7.5 liters of petrol per 100 km, or 9.8 litres of LPG over the same distance.

VW Golf Plus BiFuel

Believe it or not, LPG is available in over 4,700 filling stations in Germany alone, with the fuel available across Europe as well. Thanks to the two different fuel tanks, the car has a potential range of over 1,100 km.

The new Volkswagen Golf Plus BiFuel has a starting price of €22,460.

Press Release

New Golf Plus BiFuel now available for order

  • LPG version reduces CO2 emissions by over 10%
  • Safer and more durable than conversions

The Golf Plus now also runs on LPG. Thanks to the use of this alternative fuel, a reduction of more than 10% in CO2 emissions and fuel savings of €6.10 per 100 kilometres* in LPG mode could also be achieved, due in part to the reduced German fuel tax in place until 2018. All in all, a solid argument.

With its bi-fuel drive system - which can run on petrol at the flick of a switch - the new Golf Plus lowers consumption and emissions: the 1.6-litre, four-cylinder engine with 72 kW / 98 PS needs an average of 9.8 litres of LPG per 100 kilometres (159 g/km CO2). When burning petrol, the Golf Plus BiFuel is even more economical (7.5 litres of Super, 179 g/km CO2) over the same distance.

This gives the LPG-powered Golf Plus an environmental edge, namely CO2 emissions more than 10% lower than those of comparable petrol-engined vehicles. The 55-litre petrol tank and the LPG tank, which has a usable volume of 43 litres and is built into the spare wheel well to save space, provide an extended range of more than 1,100 kilometres. The LPG tank alone has a range of about 440 kilometres. LPG filling station coverage is comprehensive in Europe - in Germany alone there are more than 4,700 stations.

The factory-installed solution for the new Golf Plus BiFuel is considerably more advantageous than an LPG conversion: to name just a couple of benefits, the vehicle has been subjected to extensive endurance testing and undergone crash testing with the LPG tank, making it extremely safe. Customers receive a full warranty for the entire vehicle, LPG components included. The new Golf Plus BiFuel is now available for order in the Trendline and Comfortline versions at an entry-level price of €22,460.

Last updated: 9th June 2009 / Average price of LPG per litre in Germany is €0.62

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