Sidecar Motorcycling: Laverada Supercar  

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Here's someone who has made from a Laverda motorcycle a sidecar. Not just any sidecar, but a supercar sidecar, including gulfwing doors. The sidecar part looks amazing, a true work of art. It's almost like it came straight out of the of art. It's almost like it came straight out of the factory.

Take François Knorreck of Italy. After some 10,000 hours of work over a ten-year period and at a cost of 15,000 euros, Knorreck created a unique sidecar motorcycle called the Snaefell – likely named after the tallest peak on the famed Isle of Man. Half the machine is based on the guts of a Laverda motorcycle, while the other half uses bits from a Volkswagen GTI, Audi 80 and a Citroen Xantia.

Equally as interesting is this mashup that combines what appears to be an older British motorcycle with a cut-down Citroen 2CV sidecar. It seems both machines are in fully working order with the older 2CV still sporting what we assume is an inoperative a steering wheel.

Parts were used from other vehicles, like a Kawasaki 1000, VW Golf GTI, Audi 80 and a Citroen Xantia car. Further gear was found on BMW and Renault cars.

Source:Bikes in the Fast Lane via:autoblog

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