GM dealers reportedly fretting over too tight crossover and truck inventories  

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You may be surprised to hear, though, that a dwindling supply of available inventory is one of the major problems some dealerships are currently reporting. We're not shocked to hear there's only a six-day supply of Chevrolet Camaro models on hand, but dealers are also seeking remedies for shortages of Buick Enclaves, GMC Yukon SUVs and extended-cab Sierra pickups, as well as limited supplies of Chevrolet Silverado trucks.

In these dark days of bankruptcy proceedings, ever-dwindling sales figures and decades of receding market share, General Motors' base of dealerships certainly has plenty of things to keep it up at night.

For a company that has historically had an unhealthy attachment to high inventories across their brands, this is an unusual development indeed.

GM is aware of the shortages and Mark LaNeve, vice president of vehicle sales, service and marketing, tells Automotive News that the shortage is a normal part of the adjustment process from the old days of carrying a 120-day supply of vehicles to today's goal of a leaner 75-day supply.

The General's messenger further suggests that dealers trade inventory with each other to bolster inventory until the automaker is ready to rekindle its assembly lines beginning on Monday, July 13 after the company's extended summer shutdown.
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