A.R.T AS55K YAAS EDITION - Limited to one for Royal Family of Abu Dhabi  

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The Royal Family of Abu Dhabi is receiving this special A.R.T.-tuned SUV which is based on the Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG. This unit is the only one being produced, making it a once-off project. Called the AS55K YAAS EDITION, the vehicle has received a power upgrade to 456kW (620hp) and some comprehensive aerodynamic enhancements. High-performance brakes are needed for such a combination of power and vehicle type so A.R.T. saw it fit to utilise perforated 380 size brake disks and 8-piston brake calipers up front and perforated 345 size brake disks as well as 4-piston brake calipers at the rear.


A.R.T. has provided what can only be described as enough lighting power to make a night game at the stadium seem like an afternoon game. There are bi-xenon dual headlights, four xenon upper-beam headlights and four foglights added in a package seemingly designed not to leave the driver in the dark at any point in time.


Stainless steel also played a role as it was included on the polished rear bumper, the air vents and other body elements. The tailpipes are chrome-plated and supposedly give out a sound that is hard to ignore. Chrome was again applied as the window tint colour which makes sure outsiders don't see much of the interior.


The aero kit includes carbonised surfaces such as the bonnet, the exterior side mirrors, the door handles and the spare wheel cover. Even the interior surfaces and multi-function steering wheel are covered in carbon fiber; the latter is coloured in gold. It is all just as the Royal Family had asked.


Press Release


  • Special vehicle for the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi
  • Limited edition of one

This thoroughbred luxury four-by-four in Obsidian black with engine version AS55K was developed specially at the request of the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi. It is based on the G55 AMG. His performance was optimized up to 620 hp with 880 rpm. It will be difficult to find the equal anywhere in the world of this AS55K YAAS EDITION with its unusual exterior fittings and luxurious interior design.

Aerodynamic components for the front, side, rear, and roof, including the Aero hood lend the AS55K YAAS EDITION new striking contours. The comprehensive package of high-quality carbonized surfaces makes for individual highlights on the outer skin. The hood, aerodynamics components, the door handles, the spare wheel cover, the exterior mirror shells and the engine block have been generously coated in this luxurious material by hand to sparkle with that typical magical three-dimensional effect. This exterior variant with carbon parts was developed and manufactured on the wishes and in accordance with the decided suggestions of the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi.

Numerous highly-polished stainless steel decorative elements draw attention to the air vents and other predestined points on the car body. The dual polished stainless steel bumper with its profiled appearance provides the finishing touches to the smart solid appearance of the vehicle rear below the rear skirt.

Light, enough to illuminate the skies, is provided by the xenon lighting system with bi-xenon dual headlamps as the basis, four xenon upper-beam headlamps and four fog lamps as add-ons. The six chrome-plated tailpipes of the exhaust system, each sporting an A.R.T. logo, dissipate what remains of the vast power from the engine block laterally under the running boards: its grandiose sound cannot be ignored.

The high-performance brake system operates at the front with perforated 380 size brake disks and 8-piston brake calipers. At the rear, perforated 345 size brake disks and 4-piston brake calipers provide deceleration to match the power. The entire window surface of the AS55K YAAS EDITION is treated with chrome color window tinting, protecting the interior world of the vehicle from the stares of the outside world.

As soon as you open the doors of the AS55K YAAS EDITION, you cannot fail to notice the graceful interior surrounds to entice all the senses. The seats, instrument board, door cladding and center console have been intricately covered in aromatic materials by hand. A.R.T. upholsterers use the finest velour leather, perforated smooth nappa leather, and alcantara in cinnamon and anthracite hues. High-quality carpets with leather edging and A.R.T. embroidered logo round off the overall warm and luxurious ambience for that very special driving experience.

Carbon features also lend magical highlights to the interior of the AS55K YAAS EDITION. All the covers on the instrument panel and doors have been given a high-quality carbon veneer. These features are crowned by the gold-color carbonized multi-function steering wheel.

A journey into the magical world of fairytales with this expertly equipped luxury-class vehicle AS55K YAAS EDITION by A.R.T.

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