Frankfurt Debut: New 2012 Trabant  

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Back in 2007 Herpa was announcing a new concept of the classic Trabant. Today the German company officially announced that the new 2012 Trabant will debut at this year's Frankfurt Auto Show. The 2012 Trabant will be an electric car which is still in a concept stage.

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As far as the design goes, the 2012 Trabant keeps most of the lines of the original model and the car will come in a four-door hatchback body style. The 2012 Trabant will be powered by an electric motor which will get it's juice from a solar panel mounted on the roof of the car. The company says the 2012 Trabant will be able to run for 250 km on a single charge of the battery.

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The original Trabant entered production in 1957 and was produced in around 3 millio9n units until 1991.
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