Mitsubishi Evo X Streamside - with Video  

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We've been browsing the web for over a year now trying to find Mitsubishi Evo X body kit that's both functional and good looking. Unfortunately, the Mitsubishi Evo X Streamside is just a design concept made by a talented Evo enthusiast. While drawing the Mitsubishi Evo X Streamside he tried to keep it's road car feel while giving it a time-attack style.

Olli says the inspiration for the Mitsubishi Evo X Streamside came from the Darth Maul BMW, but speaking from an Evo X owner's point of view I have to say this: I don't want M3 side mirrors on my car and I'm not too found of a CSL trunk lid lip either. The good news is, those two elements are about the only objections we have to Olli's design. Everything else is just stunning. We especially love the center double exhaust and the rear diffuser. The black rims with the red accent is actually something on our "to-do" list. Another element you can't go wrong with is the wider stance and the darkened headlamps.
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