Porsche Panamera Stingray by Russia's TopCar  

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Russian tuner claims to be planning an even more extreme rendition of the Panamera, complete with a whole new set of body panels.

Russian tuner TopCar has released the first images of their rendition of the Porsche Panamera.

The Russian tuner says it is also working on a more extreme Panamera that replaces all body panels with their own kit. TopCar claims it will be partnering with Porsche tuner 9ff to provide for the performance upgrades of their Panamera, as well as doing the work of actually producing the bodykits.

What we do see is an aerodynamic package made of carbon fiber with newly designed bumpers, air intakes on the bonnet, the addition of side skirts, and a fixed rear wing. A set of alloy wheels is also part of the tuning package.

The bodykit on the Panamera is called the Stingray and was designed by another Russian firm Cardi. The naming may lead one to question what, if any, reference there is to the old Corvette Stingray design here.


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