Spy Shots: Next-gen Audi A6 caught in So-Cal... or is it an A8?  

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It's no secret that Audi will be introducing new versions of both of its biggest sedans in 2010. Redesigned iterations of the A6 and A8 are coming, with one possibly appearing at the Detroit Auto Show in January and the other likely to drop in Geneva. Thankfully, another of our ever-alert readers happened to catch one of them racking up durability miles somewhere in Simi Valley near Los Angeles. Judging by the car's psychedelic mojo, the team in Ingolstadt have hired the same company that supplies camouflage wraps for BMW.

So which of the new sedans are we seeing here? Our man Lieberman seems to think it's the A8. However, close examination of the C-pillar reveals some details despite Audi's efforts to obscure them. Overall, the car has the same steeply sloped rear glass as the current – and previous – A6. The A8 has had a more upright rear window befitting its more premium position in the lineup, but that's no guarantee for the future. We'll find out which this car is soon enough.


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